Optimize Exposure & Generate Yield

Earn yield on idle LP tokens by collateralizing DIV tokens
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Decentralized Investment Vehicles

Shedding inflexibility and high friction of TradFi bureaucracy, DIVs expose users to an optimized basket of assets, hedging against individual asset volatility while simultaneously providing robust monetary incentives for participation.

Real Yield

Earn rewards in the form of real assets, not farm tokens. Forge collateral backed tokens & earn yield in $HAID, a non-inflationary reward token. Redeem HAID for any of the underlying assets at anytime.

Optimal Exposure

Easily gain diverse exposure to top DeFi protocols with a position hedged against volatility. Feel confident knowing the incentives of all participants are aligned towards the maximum success of the DIV.

Decentralized Asset Management

Experience the benefits of on-chain governance as it continuously re-optimizes asset balances, reflecting market conditions with significantly less friction than traditional financial instruments.


What is HAI DAMO?

A DAO-operated Asset Management Organization that is building Decentralized Investment Vehicles. The DAO is building products to help lower the barrier of entry to the crypto asset class while establishing a strong ecosystem to capture a large market share of asset management as a whole.

What is a DIV?

A collateral backed, risk optimized, yield generating asset. DIVs offer users the luxury of risk-optimized diverse exposure to top assets in the crypto space.

What is HAID?

$HAID is an asset backed token that is designed to hedge risk in the DeFi space. This is the first product that is being built by the DAO.

Who is HAID for?

In short, DIVs require several market participants to actively engage within the ecosystem. Three user groups that DIVs attend to are; risk-adverse investors, liquidity providers (yield farmers), and arbitragers.

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Governance Token

Introducing $DAMO

DAMO token holders can participate in risk optimized governance over the DAMO protocol.

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